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Thank you for taking the first steps with us towards a more circular and sustainable future.

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The BioCir Slides encapsulated our vision for a complete loop for a more prosperous, sustainable and circular future. Made entirely of BioCir, a unique material developed by Balena to enable the creation of highly durable, fully compostable and biodegradable fashion items.

  • Compostable

  • Made in Italy

  • Cruelty Free

  • Highly Durable

  • Vegan

  • Natural Dye

  • Flexible

  • Natural Scent

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Done Wearing Your BioCir Slides? Their journey doesn’t stop there!

Done Wearing Your BioCir Slides? Their journey doesn’t stop there!

When you feel that you are done using your BioCir Slides, we will make sure to take them back and get them composted in one of our industrial compost facilities ensuring the full decomposition and biodegradation of the material back to the ground safely, and by that completing a fully circular process.

Here’s what’s next:

Bring your slides to one of our Tel-Aviv Take Back locations:

Root Flowers and Plants ↗
Raban Gamli'el St 28, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Bini Bouquet ↗
Nachalt Binyamin 108, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Simply drop off the slides and the Balena team will make sure they reach their end of life responsibly in one of our local compost facilities.

Thank you for helping us create a more circular future!

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