Balena Wins Prestigious Red Dot Award "

Balena Wins Prestigious Red Dot Award

— 03.07.2024
Balena Wins Prestigious Red Dot Design Award for Design Concept! 

The Red Dot Awards are globally renowned symbols of design excellence, and this win underscores our commitment to innovation and sustainability in fashion. Our BioCir FlexTex 3D - a high-performance biobased, fully compostable, and recyclable material for 3-D printing of textiles, represents a significant breakthrough in sustainable fashion.

Addressing overproduction and environmental impact, BioCir FlexTex 3D enables the 3D printing of flexible, durable, and wearable fabrics. In 2024, we partnered with modular 3D fashion designer Brigitte Kock (Variable Seams) to create a collection of ready-to-wear 3-D printed fashion garments, showcasing the potential of BioCir FlexTex3D to revolutionize fashion design and additive manufacturing, paving the way for a fully circular textile industry.

Thank you to the Red Dot Awards for this incredible recognition, and to our team and partners who made this possible.

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