Balena’s first developed material, the BioCir™, enables the creation of fully compostable and biodegradable consumer goods products. A unique biodegradable combination of naturally occurring constituents binded by high molecular weight polymers and modifiers, BioCir™ enables an elastomeric functionality for consumer goods and beyond.

The manufacturing process of BioCir™ is highly scalable, allowing for collaborations and the implementation of BioCir™ across diverse industries.

BioCir™ products can be manufactured in different ways allowing maximum flexibility; injection molding, extrusion and 3D printing.

The material’s shore hardness is between 70A-90A and when foamed could be as low as 40A.

BioCir™ consists of up to 60% bio-based content.

Products made of BioCir™ reach their end of life responsibly in a biological recycling mechanism, including full decomposition and biodegradation of the material back to the ground safely, and by that completing a fully circular process required for a sustainable future.