Balena's new partnership with Forever featured in JustStyle "

Balena's new partnership with Forever featured in JustStyle

— 25.02.2024

Balena and Forever have made waves with their recent collaboration featured on Just-Style. Introducing BioCir®flex Compostable Soles - using Balena’s BioCirFlex material and ForEver’s mould injection process, marking a significant breakthrough in circular footwear design.

The soles, made from BioCir®flex, meet performance standards of any shoe brand while remaining fully compostable in controlled environments. Being 50-85% biobased, the soles undergoe a biological recycling process, ensuring safe decomposition in industrial composting facilities without compromising compost quality.

André Campos, sales manager at ForEver, said: “The partnership with Balena is a thrilling journey fueled by a shared vision of innovation and environmental responsibility. Embracing BioCirflex is more than a collaboration and we’re excited to tread this sustainable path with Balena, shaping a future where every step is eco-conscious.”

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