Balena is proud to partner with modular 3D fashion designer Brigitte Kock (Variable Seams) in a co-created collection of flexible, ready-to-wear 3D-printed garments made with our compostable FlexTex3D technology, which is underpinned by our BioCir®flex3D.

This collaboration showcases the durability and wearability of FlexTex3D solution, marking a new era in fabric design and regeneration through fully circular models.

  • Our collaboration with Variable Seams, stems from our shared commitment to advancing circular fashion for a sustainable future. Brigitte, a pioneer in modular 3D fashion design, began her journey seven years ago, with an aim to find alternatives to fossil, striving to make fashion production more sustainable. While 3D printing offers potential for enhancing clothing personalization and on—demand production, the challenge lies in sourcing suitable materials. 

  • FlexTex3D offers a game-changing solution for circular textile 3D manufacturing, where waste is designed out and materials are regenerative. Our collaboration demonstrates the potential to revolutionize the industry, empowering larger brands to embrace circularity with compostable, on-demand textiles that set a new standard for sustainability.

Balena aims to transform textile fashion into a fully circular industry, minimizing environmental impact from production to end-of-life.

Balena’s FlexTex3D solution, is underpinned by our BioCir®flex3D bio-based, compostable and recyclable thermoplastic material. This groundbreaking innovation disrupts the textile fashion landscape, enabling the 3D printing of fabrics and garments that are not only very flexible and exceptionally durable but crucially, wearable.

FlexTex3D provides a sustainable alternative to harmful conventional plastics like Polyester and Nylon, commonly used in fashion. FlexTex3D ensures the same functional properties as these conventional materials but enables brands to de-fossilize their supply chain and minimize their environmental impact with a clear and fully circular end-of-life solution.

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