Balena feature in Futurevvvold latest article "3D-printed footwear" "

Balena feature in Futurevvvold latest article "3D-printed footwear"

— 08.01.2024


In 2023, 3D Printed Footwear gained prominence with notable collaborations in sports and luxury. As we enter the next year, expect additive-manufactured shoes to reach new heights in technology and scale. Explore the insights and discussion in FUTUREVVORLD's feature, including a deep dive with Balena's very own Chief Product Officer, Yael Joyce Vantu.

"When it comes to 3D printing, our focus is to address the global footwear waste problem by enabling a more circular prototyping process and, eventually, on-demand production, reducing the excessive stock of over 20 billion shoes manufactured each year," says Yael.

Explore further insights from industry experts in the latest FUTUREVVORLD article.

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