Balena’s CEO & head of Marketing at Global Fashion Agenda Summit 2023 "

Balena’s CEO & head of Marketing at Global Fashion Agenda Summit 2023

— 13.07.2023

At Balena, we recently had the privilege of attending the highly anticipated Global Fashion Agenda Summit in Copenhagen on June 27-28. This extraordinary event brought together visionaries, industry leaders, and change-makers from across the fashion spectrum, all driven by a common goal: to drive sustainability and innovation in the industry.

Immersed in the Summit's atmosphere, we were captivated by the thought-provoking panel discussions that took place on the main stage. Esteemed thought leaders from industry giants such as LVMH, Kering, Nike, and Allbirds shared their insights, exploring the pressing challenges and exciting opportunities that lie ahead in our journey towards a more sustainable future.

One of the highlights was witnessing inspiring case studies that showcased successful collaborations between material innovation start-ups and renowned fashion brands. We were particularly amazed by the partnership between Rubi Laboratories and the esteemed Danish fashion brand Ganni A/S. This collaboration demonstrated how cutting-edge materials have the potential to revolutionise the way we approach fashion production, paving the way for a more sustainable and circular industry.

The Global Fashion Agenda Summit served as a powerful call to action. It urged us to seize this moment and become catalysts for change within the fashion industry. Together, we can build an industry that sets new standards for sustainability and leaves a positive impact on the world. We are inspired and motivated by the boundless opportunities that lie before us. 

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