Balena's new partnership VivoBiome featured in The Guardian "

Balena's new partnership VivoBiome featured in The Guardian

— 21.01.2024

Read about our latest collaboration, VivoBiome in partnership with Vivobarefoot, featured in The Guardian!

Embark on a journey into the forefront of sustainable footwear with our groundbreaking innovation - VivoBiome, in partnership with Vivobarefoot. Experience the evolution of the world's first 3D printed, made-to-measure, and compostable shoe—an unprecedented stride in addressing the urgent problem of millions of shoes flooding landfills each year.

At the core of VivoBiome is BioCirFlex®3D, a fully compostable and biodegradable material. This material not only ensures a harmonious blend of flexibility, durability, and biodegradability in a single biobased composition but also tackles the plastic waste crisis linked to non-biodegradable TPU.

By synergizing the capabilities of 3D printing with cutting-edge materials, VivoBiome sets unprecedented standards in circular and innovative footwear design. 

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