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Futurevvold Feature

— 11.12.2023

The world of circular and bio-based materials is witnessing a notable rise, bringing about positive prospects for various industries, including the footwear sector.

However, the path to success for these materials goes beyond mere innovation. It necessitates robust support from key players in the economy, including product designers, manufacturers, and waste management facilities, to ensure full circularity.

This collective effort is pivotal for the widespread adoption of these biomaterials, enabling them to penetrate the market and contribute significantly to the transition from a linear 'take-make-use-waste' economy to a 'take-make-reuse-regenerate' circular approach.

“The sustainability of footwear production depends not only on the choice of materials but also on the methods used to manufacture and distribute the footwear.” - Pavel Vergun, Head of Marketing at Balena.

Explore further insights from industry experts, including a feature from our head of marketing, Pavel Vergun, in the latest FUTUREVVORLD article to discover more about his perspectives.

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